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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

George Kollias - Invictus

George Kollias is one of the premier drummers in death metal, his music with Nile has always been gloriously brutal, and now his solo debut sees him creating bombastic and oftentimes terrifying death metal that has you at the seat of your pants, grasping for sanity as the tortured chords start to drive into your soul. Invictus is triumphant and crushing, a wonderful mix of death metal both old and new, reinvigorating the genre and use distinctive riffs and a jaw dropping drum attack to beat the listener into submission.

There is a very primal sense of power that is found throughout Invictus. The epic introduction found on the title track helps to cement this. You find yourself slowing descending into a soundworld that is frankly, hellish. George Kollias has crafted something rather romantic in nature, Invictus takes you on a journey to the very depths of Tartarus. The combination of elements, from the sick growls to the jarring guitar riffs come together to form something special, and oftentimes mesmerizing. I can't emphasize the power of the drums enough though. Even as the guitar races through flashy solos it's impossible to deny that Kollias's drumming is the true highlight of the record.

As you fall into the grooves pounded out by Invictus it's hard to deny the raw might of this record. You feel the abrasive riffs tearing away at your flesh and the frequent tempo changes in the guitar parts combining to create something that is impossible to stop listening too. George Kollias has a great sense of drama and it informs his entire approach on Invictus. This dude is forming some of the most exciting death metal coming out today, death metal that feels cinematic, so what are you going to do? Be an asshole and not listen?

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