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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Dysentery - Fragments

I don't really like slam, I rarely write about it, I don't see the point. So it's saying something when I say I'm in love with Fragments. Dysentery bring the slams so goddamn hard on this record you're left scraping your jaw from the floor. A brutarian stomp that will grab you by the hair and beat you into a wall Fragments is the sound of a million mosh pits crying out and then being suddenly silenced. Dysentery have crafted what is undoubtedly the best slam record of the year thus far (And will probably remain so) and arguably the best record of their career.

Every breakdown on this record is intricately crafted to crush your skull in. The drum sound is incendiary, providing all the basis the band needs to orient their crushing attack. Th balls out insanity of these songs is stunning. There is an undeniable crushing might to a track like Immersed Into Misanthropic Turmoil. It suffocates the listener and cracks your ribs one by one. You get a sense that Dysentery revel in being immersed in gore. As you start to suffer under the incredible power of Fragments it becomes impossible to deny Dysentery's greatness. They're a death metal band for the ages, and on this record they've truly come into their own.

With squeals and pinch harmonics galore Dysentery have managed to craft their highly sectional music into something transcendent on this latest record. As you feel yourself being hammered to death with every crunching power chord it's hard not to feel proud of these guys. They've come as far as anyone, true sons of the underground, seemingly ready to take the world by storm (Hell, they already have!) This is a band who are only going to get bigger and are taking slam to a whole new level, so go rip some heads off and jam it.

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