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Friday, May 8, 2015


Depressive black metal has built its reputation on being entrancing well thought out and deeply emotional music. Acheron, the genius behind the mystical and incredibly sorrowful sonic assault of L.A.C.K. seems fully aware of this and crafts intricate soul entrancing black metal to capture his listeners imagination. There is something distinctly charming about the sounds of L.A.C.K. that force you to reconsider your own place in the world. Reminiscent of bands like Alcest, Acheron is certainly onto something special. Sure things haven't been fully knocked out yet and some of the production could be played with, but his latest offering, the wonderfully grim Where Everything Goes will capture your imagination and take you on a dark journey guided by music reminiscent of acts like Austere. Symphonic and bewitching L.A.C.K is the type of music that speaks to the inherent darkness of the soul.

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