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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fight Amp - Constantly Off

So I first got into Fight Amp back around the time Birth Control came out, and the evolution that this band has had since their rowdy teenage demos is jaw dropping. Constantly Off sees the band finally starting to arrive at their full potential, using a groovy and face crunching sound that pummels the listener and leaves them gasping for air. There is a sense of fatal attraction for me with this particular record too - as if Fight Amp have found themselves turned on to something far darker and have the potential to tear the world apart.

The way the band approaches their music is wholly distinct, it seems like what would happen if Elder were a hardcore band, only the hardcore elements of the sound have been tempered by sludge. At the same time - though Fight Amp remain pretty fast they are also strangely atmospheric. It's easy to a track like Survival Is Strange blending in as background music. That being said, there is so much going on here that it's easy to spend time simply picking apart everything that Fight Amp do. Sure it may sound like pretty straightforward grooves at times but when you really listen to how these things are shaped and molded... well... there's just no denying that Fight Amp have found something special.

Fight Amp are not a band to be fucked with - this permeates the music and gives a sense of potency to the sound. These guys are starting to mold soundscapes in wholly unique ways and have a profound sense of their own place in the world. Iconoclastic in a scene where too many try to differentiate and fail Constantly Off is going to force you to look deep within yourself. Fight Amp have finally started to crack their own unique brand of sludge metal - so turn this up prepare for the world to melt around you.

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