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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Maruta - Remain Dystopian

Maruta have always been one of the grind legends, renowned for slamming out pulverizing riffs that never fail to stay gritty their new record Remain Dystopian is a fitting addition to the legend. Maruta have mastered the ability to sound like they are on the verge of falling apart, it leaves the listener with a strange sensation - desperately grasping for any sort of solid tonal stronghold and instead finding themselves lost in the mysterious and soul shattering power that this kind of music has. Maruta get what it means to crush skulls, and the second you click play you know you're in for some ultraviolence.

One thing that Maruta really get right on this record is the sense of groove. The strange and vibrant attack on songs like Hope Smasher is delicious - it sees the band manipulating your ear in strange and exciting ways. They catch the listener off balance, first beating them over the head with one aural atrocity and then dragging them back up with another. The vocal lines are perhaps more disturbed than ever, deep throat death grunts being placed in direct contrast to high pitched screams that force you to look deep within yourself for a moment of respite in all of the demonic conjurings that make Remain Dystopian so darned interesting. Maruta are remarkably intelligent and Remain Dystopian once again proves these guys have the ideas, and the chops to be among the best in the biz.

Gloriously iconoclastic and unafraid to write their own rules, Maruta have proven that they are more than just another grind band on Remain Dystopian. Their vile sense of grindcores rawest perversions is palatable, even on the longer tracks which seem to actually revel in the ugliness. Maruta aren't going anywhere but up, they already will probably dominate the battle jackets of my MDF brethren next weekend, and with a record like this - well, I don't want to jinx the guys, but it looks like they can do no wrong.

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