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Monday, May 4, 2015


Another Dimension Of Pain cover art

Oktor are the kind of eerie death doom that give the genre such a good reputation. There is something strangely charming about this band, in between their epic long form songs and their strangely soothing piano interludes Oktor have been able to craft something rather singular and very special. The enduring power of Oktor lies in their ability to play through dualities and craft sounds that charm the listener while never coming across as heavy handed. The sense of aural destruction is never hidden though, Oktor wil grind your bones to dust and leave your jaw on the floor. The touches of clean vocals (The best are in Polish) help to accentuate the beautifu magic of the band. There is something distinctly otherworldly about Oktor that seems ot have them set on a path of success, doomed only to grow, sharing their distinct brand of heart rending doom metal with the world. Oktor will tear you apart, so gird your loins and get into the pit.

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