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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Osculum Infame - The Axis Of Blood


I first found out about Osculum Infame when I was about 15 years old reading about them in the back pages of some French metal zine or other. So it was a bit of a coming of age moment to receive a promo copy of their latest blasphemy - the triumphantly evil The Axis Of Blood. Apocalyptic in sound and epic in scale Osculum Infame continue to bring more of the destructive and strangely victorious music that made them so good in the first place. Their morbid visions stand as proud contributions to the French metal tradition.

There is a sense of utter destruction extolled on The Axis Of Blood, it makes the record fascinating to listen too - it is the ode of chaos and in many ways it embodies the true spirit of black metal. There is no end to the bleak depths which Osculum Infame plumb on this release. The blazing riffs are accented by heady vocals that have a sense of gleeful chaos to them. It forces the listener to look at their own demented headspace and wonder if they are really okay with the sad and twisted world we are presented with. This is what true black metal is about and Osculum Infame have risen from the crypt to spread the word.

The fact of the matter is - with this kind of black metal it's either mind blowing or incredibly disappointing. Osculum Infame use The Axis Of Blood to prove they are the former. Aware of their own majesty and yet also surprisingly human these guys have always known what it means to craft tracks that leave the listener scraping their jaw off the floor. There is a sense of black magic and ritual that gives Osculum Infame flavor - perhaps it was this that attracted a depressed and lonely 15 year old boy in the first place.

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