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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Skinless - Only The Ruthless Remain

What's in a name? I mean - it's certainly clear with Skinless. Their new record Only The Ruthless Remain is a veritable paean to brutality - the kind of  death defying gore metal that blazes ahead at impossible speeds and uses guttural vocals of the most vile quality to fuel some truly demented music. Skinless understand what it means to bring crunching riffs and a destructive sonic assault to the fore - it's easy to fall in love with the bestial beauty they represent, and with every angular riff on the record I fall a little deeper in their pit.

The Slayer worship on Only The Ruthless Remain provides a tasty counterpoint to the sublime heaviness that dominates so many of the non melodic lines. Yet from the first the mood is set - Skinless are going to beat the listeners head in with downtuned guitars that feature some of the gnarliest death metal tone I have heard all year. The songwriting is absolutely stellar - the speedy attack on these tracks is way too much fun to dig in too and the occasional guitar solos provide a noodly respite from a double bass attack that seems to be torn from hell. Skinless get what death metal is all about and at the end of the day that's all that matters.

Skinless are only going to get better from here - the way they have created layered and intricate songs on Only The Ruthless Remain speaks to the bands ability to refine and invoke unholy death metal that comes straight from the crypt. Deceptively technical and unafraid to push the boundaries Skinless seem to be on the verge of creating a new wave of death metal, fusing all that has come before. Now all we can do is hop on for the ride and hope that these guys live up to the potential shown on Only The Ruthless Remain.

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