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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Church - Unanswered Hymns

What I love about Southern Cross PR is that Cat Jones is somehow able to always find bands that reek of a new level of depravity. There is a fucked up brilliance to her roster, and somehow Church manages to make that entire reality even more fucked up. Church deliver shrieking and powerful lyrics that are suddenly placed in brilliant counterpoint with far more soothing female ones. The rumbling riffs and the occasional understated melodies help to make their new record Unanswered Hymns the veritable soundtrack to the apocalypse. Church's music is the epitome of unholy gut fucking doom metal. And yet somehow the female vocals redeem it all. As I sit here in the middle of a gigantic thunderstorm wondering if this torrential downpour will ever end I can't think of a more fitting soundtrack than the chaotic world ending devastation of Church. The music of a God that failed Unanswered Hymns is a three song testament from a band who seem set to take the scene by storm.

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