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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tau Cross - S/T

So - did Rob Miller become crust punk Lemmy without anyone telling me? That's the only possible reasoning I can come up with for the greatness of Tau Cross. A band who are frighteningly groovy, deliciously occult, and sublime in their dedication - not just to freaked out brutality - but to an all encompassing aesthetic that will capture the imagination and show a brighter and more powerful future - one that is impossibly grim and strangely charming, crusty madness to overwhelm inundate the eardrums.

There is something strangely beautiful about this record - not just in powerful folky tracks like The Devil Knows His Own - but also in some of the more jaw dropping long form epics. There is something distinctly artsy about Tau Cross. The sense of groove is strangely addictive and Miller's vocals add a distinctive flavor to the frightening assault of the sound. Away's drumming is great as ever, it adds a distinctive twist to the rhythmic vibes and makes it easy to dig into what Tau Cross are doing here. There is a sense of the sublime too - the overall artsy power of what Tau Cross represents is overwhelming and requires many a listen to really get.

It's strange to hear so many legends working together on tracks that are pretty far removed from any of their main bodies of work. Yet - this is also a blessing. Who would want thrashed up crust punk from the dudes in Amebix, Voivod and Misery? It might be a cool bit for a while, but Tau Cross has a real sense of meaning behind it. There is something here that captures the imagination making this possibly the best Relapse release of the year so far. Crust Punk is coming of age with Tau Cross - can you handle it?

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