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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Void King

Zep Tepi cover art

Another day another doom band, what more could I ask for from the frozen water burial that we calll life? Man that shit got dark. Asides from being another doom band obsessed with the Void and royalty, Void King are actually a pretty cool act bringing in a diversity of influences and a lot of really good ideas along with top flight drumming to pull together a rather groovy little sound that will definitely gets heads banging and booties shaking. Their new record Zep Tepi is three songs of the kind of fuzzed out madness that we need for this scene to continue to thrive. There is something wonderfully vibrant about what Void King do and the way they deliver unrelenting grooves straight down your throat. Veering more towards the gritty than the artsy (Though the record is not without artsy moments) Void King have been able to rapidly refine a unique sound that should see them evolving rapidly and soon making an indelible mark on the scene. 

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