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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lothloryen - Principles Of A Past Tomorrow

The Brazilian has long been one of the best in the world, but to my knowledge it has only been fairly recently that more progressive elements have been fully embraced by the scene. Among the best in these Brazilian power metal and prog bands is Lothloryen who have an anthemic sound filled with all sorts of fancy frills that helps to make their latest masterwork Principles Of A Past Tomorrow a prog metal gem that is worth many a spin. Twelve tracks of brilliantly nerdy heavy music, Lothloryen have created something truly exciting.

The thing is Lothloryen have figured out how to use cerebral prog ideas with fanciful solos and sampling Stephen Hawking, while simultaneously using power metal concepts to keep things hooky and fun. Principles Of A Past Tomorrow shows the band harnessing these notions to create a surprisingly addictive record. It's hard not to pump your fist to these tracks, but they will also dazzle you with their technicality. Lothloryen are clearly master songwriters and it's pure pleasure to dig into the high art that they have been able to refine on Principles Of A Past Tomorrow. It evidences the bands ability to look to the future of prog and help guide us there.

What I'm trying to say is that Lothloryen know how to scoop up the listener and take them on a veritable journey. There highly polished sound is the product of a group of truly top flight musicians delivering material at the top of their game. Principles Of A Past Tomorrow is endlessly replayable and will make you smile with its hooks and occasionally cheesy moments. The thing is, Lothloryen understand the simple joy of progressive metal and they simply want to reach out and share that with the world.

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