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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Abaton & Viscera/// - Diade(ms)

More Italian doom and black metal, what can I say? Abaton and Viscera/// have come together to put out the kind of transcendent soul melting extreme metal. There new split, Diade(ms) is one of the most emotionally stunning splits of the year, taking twelve minutes to engage the listener and carry them off, turn them on to deeper darker soundworlds that engage the listener and make them aware of the deeper darker worlds that we need to unfold if we want to be able to pick apart the strange unholy triumph of this kind of music.

Abaton kick off the split with some searing black metal that is impossible to deny. It immediately sends you deep into a world of monochromatic soundscapes that are strangely charming. Abaton take you on a deep journey of self empowerment, blazing ahead with a brokenhearted dedication to their own sense of oblivion. Viscera/// manage to resolve things with a stunning set of blasts that rely on raw distortion and a wide open soundworld that has you seeking to navigate strange melodic palettes and incredibly tortured vocals that seem to have been almost torn out of the listener. It speaks to the bands power that they can evoke such frightening emotions, but in a way, that's really the only reason I fell in love in the first place.

At the end of the day I'm sitting here in my friends house getting ready to look at even more apartments in New York Shitty tomorrow and I get a sense of being overwhelmed that I can only transcend with this kind of apocalyptic music. Abaton and Viscera/// have come together to stir up human emotions that are shockingly bleak, and yet found in far too many of us who dare to think differently. Diade(ms) is the stuff of legends, and I get the sense that black metal fans will be picking it apart for years to come. 

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