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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Golers - South Mountain Style

So I first found out about Golers from a dude I met on my way to Hellfest, my friend Tai, he was all about Golers and elaborated how they are one of his favorite thrash bands out there. Well, I reviewed a record of theirs a few months ago, and now I have South Mountain Style to listen too, and I have to say, I'm increasingly impressed with what these good Vancouver boys keep doing. Golers understand the demented frills of thrash and blasting them at maximum volume while slamming beers has never been more fun.

South Mountain Style is significant because it represents a sense of balls to the wall thrash metal mixed with a certain modern madness that makes the band distinctly twenty first century. Sure there are a lot of rethrash bands out there who sound angry, but there is something incredibly genuine with what Golers do, something that makes them ridiculously charming in all of their redneck pot smoking glory. The ferocity of the vocals and the grinding speed of the guitars helps to cement them in my mind as a thrash metal band to watch. Toss in a few manic guitar solos here and there and it's impossible to deny the greatness of this band.

The fact of the matter is that South Mountain Style reeks of heavy metal depravity, taking one of the genres most beloved subgenres and bringing it to a logical extreme. In some ways I think it's strange these levels haven't been obtained before because all of what Golers do feels very natural, like an extension on the rest of the scene. The fact of the matter is though, these guys are pushing the boundaries and breaking the rules. About to conquer Canada on the road and unafraid to blaze through your heart and soul Golers know what it takes to bring thrash to the next level.

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