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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Alfahanne - Alfapokalypse

There is something distinctly fascinating to me about this new direction of black metal - where we have tracks that are increasingly epic, but also ones that pull from an ever broader variety of genres. It means that a record like Alfahanne's latest ritual, Alfapokalypse is able to grow ever more beautiful with each moment of music. You find yourself dazzled by a wealth of influences which leads to some of the most engaging and thought provoking black metal I have heard in a good long while. After all - what even is black metal at this point?

One thing that I think really makes Alfapokalypse kind of ride through the unique sound it has is definitely the quality of the production. Even from the first you find yourself getting lost in Alfahanne's poignant soundworlds that reach forth and guide the listener on a sonic journey for all ten jaw dropping tracks. Something that struck me after multiple listens is how well the songs are ordered. There is a wonderful sense of continuity in Alfapokalypse which means that even the harder to grasp songs don't seem like they're totally out of left field. Alfahanne have perfectly judged the ebb and flow of this record to make it utterly mesmerizing and endlessly fun to listen too.

Alfapokalypse is important because it stands as a vital testament to where black metal is in 2015. We get touches of classic rock and old school punk in a sound that one might initially compare to Immortal or Darkthrone. This is important because it proves that Alfahanne have been able to take the old formulas and bring them into an exciting modern context. At this point all we can do is hold on to our hats and pray. Alfahanne may very well hold the future of black metal in their collective hands and if Alfapokalypse is any indication, it will be fucking glorious.

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