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Monday, June 29, 2015

Bowel Stew - Debridement

With a band name like Bowel Stew you kinda know what you're getting yourself into. In this case it's some of the most foul and delicious repugnant goregrind that you will ever hear. Grinding forward with an inhuman energy the gleefully terrible drum tones and muddy guitars that define Bowel Stews latest record, Debridement, represent some of the most poignant and powerful riffs that will ever come forth from the genre. These Italians are truly fucked up individuals and nothing sets the tone better than these nine tracks.

The thing is - with these brutal masterpieces the muddiness is part of the charm - at best Debridementcan be viewed as reminiscent of records like Reek of Putrefaction. Given that these guys have been slugging it out since 1996 it wouldn't surprise me if that was a major influence here. The fact of the matter though remains that Bowel Stew have a truly profound sense of what it means to create offensive music. Sure there formulas are repetitive but that's kind of the point - and why these guys are legends in the goregrind community. They bash forward no matter what and play their little hearts out - taking one head at a time.

Bowel Stew come across as the sort of ultimate fuck ups you want them to be - raging forth and tearing apart listeners with a dedication to brutality that is virtually unmatched. Unbowed and ever unbroken Debridement sees the band ramming home the same classic ideas that have made them so significant to the genre over the years. As they burst out over your speakers all you can do is hold on and try not to get lost in a storm of sound that is sure to overwhelm the inexperienced listener, yet for the jaded fan will provide the ride of a lifetime.

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