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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Author & Punisher - Melk En Honing

So - Author & Punisher has always been impressive to me - especially in the way that Tristan shapes the walls of sound. He's a dude who has a truly unique approach to music and it definitely has led to some of the most iconoclastic music of the last fifty years. The point being - Author & Punisher putting out a new record is some pretty important shit - not just to fans of extreme music, but music as a whole. The thing is - some of us doubted the viability of the concept - we wondered if Author & Punisher's well had run dry... well Melk En Honing blows all those doubts away in a way of primeval unwashed noise.

The thing is Melk En Honing has all of Author & Punisher's trademark heaviness and uses a lot of the tropes found on previous records - but now it seems to have achieved a whole new level. The clean vocals add a delicate touch to what used to previously be utterly abrasive. Now the use of contrast and dynamics has rapidly become more important leading to dudes like me being forced to genuflect in awe. There is something utterly soul destroying about what happens to your ears on Melk En Honing. You find yourself at once disgusted and in love because this dude has totally transformed what music can be.

What I'm trying to say is you just need to close your eyes and let these strange beats wash over you. Author & Punisher is not the kind of thing that you're going to understand on the first or even the tenth listen. It's dense and challenging music, but it's made all the rewarding because of it. Perhaps Author & Punisher's most artistic record yet (And that's really saying something) the project has been able to break totally free of past constraints and has made me realize that with this one man project all things are possible.

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