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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Carnivora - The Vision

I really like reviewing EP's and not just because I can get through them faster. Instead - I think it's cool to see if a band can prove themselves in just a handful of songs. This is exactly what Carnivora with The Vision. Kicking off with a beastlike scream and then going into powerful rhythmic sections and epic melodies Carnivora have been able to prove themselves as musicians and songwriters with just four tracks that leave you smiling and spinning them again, and again... and maybe even another time after that.

The thing is, though Carnivora definitely rely on a few specific songwriting tropes, which at times feel heavy handed (I'm looking at you growls over top of quiet bits) overall the band does a very good job of refining their own sound. With the touches of synths and the powerful guitar parts that they piece together to help create a distinct approach for the band. Their sound has a variety of tasty elements that make the groups unique brand of thrashy death metal vaguely atmospheric. It's easy to fall into the soundworlds they create because Carnivora have put together something that clearly took an immense amount of work, you can even forgive them for the one or two cliches they fall back on.

Bringing in a variety of genres to fuel their sound has allowed Carnivora to transcend what so many of their peers do and create something that starts to bridge on true artistry. Here is a band who add powerful melodies and flashy solos underneath some truly tasty growls. They get their own power, but there is a sense of humility here too. Rarely too over the top and definitely a record that grows after multiple listens The Vision sees Carnivora taking it as it comes and developing some great metal out of it.

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