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Monday, June 15, 2015

Reanimator - Horns Up

There is a certain charm to thrash metal about well... thrash metal. The way that bands like Reanimator are able to handle themselves and deliver crushing riffs and evil vocals to help form a wholly impure sound is stunning and captures my imagination every time. The fact of the matter is Reanimator prove with Horns Up that they really understand what thrash is about and the way they come for you, going for the throat and gouging at your eyes as they sing about moshing and demons can't help but capture the imagination.

Every moment of Horns Up makes the amount of work that went into the record deliciously palatable. You get a sense for the true travail that goes into making strong thrash metal, and sure the lyrics are silly and the bands name is a Lovecraft reference, but that's kind of the fucking point. Reanimator are delivering thrash metal in exactly the way you want it, inspiring you to break out your two step and mosh around the pit. These guys have managed to find every element of thrash, old and new and distill it into a record that never stops raging from start to finish with dueling guitar solos and flashy riffs delighting the listener.

The fact of the matter is, Reanimator are thrash metal done right. They understand the confines of the genre and they work well within them. Beyond that Horns Up shows the band coming to terms with what it means to get a crowd going crazy and understand how to handle their own charisma. The sense of chaotic triumph that you find in the rip-roaring adventure of this record is frankly, fun. There are a few limits on what the sound can do, but that's part of the pleasure, and Reanimator fucking get it so get on in here and mosh.

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