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Friday, June 26, 2015

Funerary/Ooze Split

Man... If I keep writing about Southern Cross bands like this Cat might think I like her or something...gross... But how can I help myself? It's not my fault that Funerary and Ooze have managed to put together probably the best straight up doom split of the year. Utterly vile and heart rendingly insane these two bands have, on twelve inches of wax, been able to plumb the depths of the human spirit and unveil before all of us dedicated hordes the truly insane power that this kind of music can have on ones very essence.

Funerary start off the split with some disgusting vocals and trudging riffs. It provides an ominous introduction for the rest to come. The balance of higher pitched shrieks with more destructive growls is delicious and provides a nice dichotomy for the music to orient itself around. The quality of the riffs is also stellar – you find yourself looking into hyperborean soundscapes for some sort of sense of meaning. Ooze, at least on this record, tend to be a bit more straight to the point. With a riff style that clearly imitates bands like Crowbar at times they have found a nifty little niche for themselves in the bluesy crush of these tracks. Yet, don't think they can't get serious, the albums closer, the epic Satanachia's Will jars the listener and leaves you reflecting on the groups immaculate insanity.

At the end of the day – this is the kind of oppressive heaviness that we can know and trust as doomsters. You find yourself digging deep into the colossal bottom ends that both of these bands harness and it's hard not to bear a gleefully bloody grin on your face whilst listening to these two acts tear it apart. With a dedication to volume, Black Sabbath and dare I say marijuana Funerary and Ooze have been able to come together to put out something truly special. Now it's up to you dear reader to go out and get lost in it.

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