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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

KEN mode - Success

KEN mode have somehow manage to remain one of the most exciting bands in heavy music over a deep and fascinating discography, yet many fans started to feel like with the last couple of records they were starting to hit roadblocks. Success proves that KEN mode still have a lot left in the tank They have unleashed some of the most exciting and penetrating heavy music I have heard in a good long while. Success has an extremely visceral sense of its own humanity and forces the listener into a ball, overwhelming them with glorious noise punk.

Their is a sense of KEN mode moving forward with Success. The way they have managed to craft and refine overwhelming anthems that have an almost Lou Reed-esque majesty is stunning. This is heavy music unlike any you have heard before, it seems like the logical goal for what has always been a rather experimental band. The sense of anger is more palatable than ever, years of touring and dealing with the frustration of the metal world has seemingly left KEN mode darker than ever, ready to reach out and fuck you over. Success strips back all that KEN mode do and makes them distinctly interesting.

The fact of the matter is that this band are proving that they are changing the very future of metal with their raw and beautiful anger. There is something incredibly human with what KEN mode have pulled apart with this latest record. The sense of desperation that defines this record and that dominates Matthewsons vocals helps to make it all the more fascinating. KEN mode understand what it means to play punk rock and to push the limits, and Success seems to be the bands absolute best and most innovative work to date.

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