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Friday, June 5, 2015

Noisem and Nothing to Hide at Underground Arts in Philly

One of the worst parts of being in the metal media is that sometimes you show up three hours early to a show and end up stuck, kinda just waiting it out hoping the show will start soon. Fortunately though this gives you a chance to meet, bond with other similarly hairy dudes and have punk rock cuddle puddles. What I'm trying to say is that even though I only got to see two bands tonight at the legendary Underground Arts Noisem and Nothing to Hide where more than worth my while and left me with a big smile on my face.

Nothing to Hide where first up, now I'd only heard of these Philly area local before but had never had a chance to check them out. I was thrilled at their rapid fire delivery and crushing attack. Sure there set was only four songs long and they had extended pauses between tracks, but everyone has gotta start somewhere, and as far as newbie bands go opening for Iron Reagan ain't a half bad gig! The point being, Nothing to Hide, with their methodical bass lines and energetic frontman seem to have what it takes to be a dominant force on the local scene. Picking apart what they do and what they represent is a challenge, but they certainly seem to have the brains and the brawn to succeed in the Philly scene.

I always wonder if I've taken my torrid love affair with Noisem a bit too far, and yet every time I see them they somehow get better. As much as Tyler is a punk rock goofball off stage when he performs you get a sense of the true desperation that apparently dogs his life. The sense of primitive destruction unleashed by Noisem is ridiculously inspiring, you find yourself falling in love with a band whose hair flies everywhere. Noisem are raw violence live and they constantly leave you scraping your jaw off the floor. As Sebastian and Yago trade off guitar solos in between grinding riffs that are surprisingly technical it's impossible to deny the glory of what Noisem do. They are death metal in its purest form and force you to face the bitter unbeing of your own reality.

As I left, and Billy gave me his oh so sweet "Love you bae" I couldn't help but smile at what I had just witnessed. Noisem are a bunch of young dudes but they seem to be ready to change the face of the death metal, and beyond that they are humble enough that they still play club shows and still seem to operate on a very personal level with the community. They represent all that I love about death metal and getting to spend nights out like this to pick apart a genre that has given me so much to stand for... well that's just what makes life worth living.

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