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Friday, June 5, 2015

Ohhms - Cold

Frankly I'm a little bit surprised that I hadn't hear of Ohhms before, but now that I've been given a sweet sweet download of their new record Cold I have to say, I am deeply in love. The kind of doom metal that is artsy and also blissfully human Ohhms have been able to craft something truly monolithic with their new two track EP. Clocking in at over thirty minutes long Cold is doom metal done right, and with its apocalyptic riffing an towering vocal lines what can you do but genuflect in awe?

Cold captures the imagination with vivid soundscapes and a sense of true understanding of the genre. There is something incredibly human about the way the band crashes down upon you with roaring vocal lines and searing guitar parts to soothe the savage beast. The two songs that make up this EP flow into each other elegantly, feeling as if they are parts of a greater whole and giving a sense for the triumph that doom metal can have. What I'm trying to say is that Ohhms have found the heart of doom metal in the bitter realities that they paint  with colors made of raw sonic beauty, torn from the spirit and unleashed upon the earth.

That's probably a bit too romantic for another too-slow band from England, but what can I say? These guys have won my heart. Ohhms speak to a much darker reality and when you find yourself falling in to the mysterious sonic tropes that Ohhms establish for themselves it's almost impossible to pull yourself out. Cold shows that Ohhms have the potential to be one of the greats in one of metals most exciting scenes. The fact of the matter remains, Ohhms manage to say more in two songs than most bands saying in an entire career.

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