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Friday, June 26, 2015

Opium Lord - Eye Of Earth

There is a certain charm to a band who have the sheer ballsiness it takes to name themselves Opium Lord. It shows a depraved and fucked up reality that the dudes in this band must be exposed too. It makes for some extremely brutal listening too with crushing riffs coming in side by side with strange additional sounds. It creates an all around sonic exploration that means their newest opus, the gloriously fucked up Eye Of Earth is clearly worth many a listen.

What Opium Lord managed to communicate in their bitter vocal lines and bleak progressions is a sense of apocalyptic fury that goes on to define almost all of their music once you really get to thinking about it. There is something strangely charming about Eye Of Earth though, as if with every crushing note you find yourself a little deeper in a demented reality – one that the band have only been able to craft after years of effort and composition. It means that in the long run Eye Of Earth are going to leave you tearing at your hair and grasping for sanity – they speak to the torment of the human condition better than almost anyone else.

With blues oriented riffs that aren't afraid to belie a Lord Mantis-like sense of evil Opium Lord have clearly found their own sound. The way they simply tear your throat out and then make it all all right again with tracks like Pink Mass is delicious and proves the bands songwriting prowess. While this may not be for everybody it seems fairly certain to me that any doom metal devotee will find a lot to pick apart with this. After all – how often do you find a band with a unique sense of self driving themselves forward in this overcrowded scene?

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