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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Ethereal - Opus Aethereum

Ethereal are certainly that, their unique brand of vaguely gothic symphonic black metal is endlessly engaging and speaks to the bands ability to carry out soul crushing melodies on top of riffs that are simply to die for. Incredibly emotive and deepset in finding a foundation to its burden Opus Aethereum sees the band roaring to bold new heights with music that is grim and thought provoking. The kind of band who give a sense of dignity and power to the genre, Ethereal are not afraid to break the rules.

I think one of the things that really gets me about this band is their sheer sense of bombast, be it in the epic intro of Opus Aethereum's first track Nomicon or in the way the band presents themselves in corpse painted glory. Ethereal have been able to get a sense of their own mad indignities which see them driving force at ungodly extremes - addicted to speed and raw energy as much as they enjoy synthesizers. This sense of balance makes for music that leaves you on edge, at once dazzled by the fantastical frills but also in awe of the manic power that Opus Aethereum channels in its approximately forty minute run time.

Burbling into insanity Ethereal have been able to carve out a very specific and powerful niche for themselves in the black metal community. Impossible to deny their barking sense of annihilation will see you cackling madly to your grave. They take every element of the symphonic black metal genre to the extreme with epic symphonies and truly ungodly shrieks coming together to create some fascinating listening that will leave you coming back to kneel at the altar again and again, ever begging for more.

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