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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Panzerbastard/Rawhide - Black Hearts and White Lines

Another day another kickass split from Unholy Anarchy. This latest 7 inch, Black Hearts and White Lines features Panzerbastard, a band I've known and loved since I was about fifteen and Rawhide, a band I only just discovered on this record. The bands work together nicely, provide complimentary sounds that lead to a strong little release that will surely be a tasty addition to the triumphant Unholy Anarchy canon. With five tracks it's impossible to get bored of this minute gem, and with every spin I can't help but become more enamored with its intricacies.

Panzerbastard kick off the split with three tracks of grinding war metal. Vaguely reminiscent of Asphyx, Panzerbastard have a sense of their own badass mastery of the genre. The way they go for the throat, even from the initial drum assault of Death Control is strangely charming. It speaks to the bands ability to craft ever vibrant and crushing heavy music that roars its way into your heart. Meanwhile Rawhide absolutely blew me away. Their Motorhead derived crush and rock and roll hooks make them strangely addictive. In some ways they almost feel like a crustier Kvelertak. The point being, with their two tracks Rawhide kick your ass and then slam a beer, and by god is it fun.

The fact of the matter is that this split represents two of the most exciting bands in the scene operating on opposite sides of the Atlantic. It speaks to the power of heavy music that we can all remain united through records like this one, even if we do live in completely separate parts of the world. While I'm especially stoked on my discovery of Rawhide I have to say, Panzerbastards aural blasphemies show that the band has no need to let up any time soon. So delve into the sonic obscenities and find your own path in this punk rock putridity that Unholy Anarchy have conjured up for us!

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