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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Alustrium - A Tunnel To Eden

Miles ahead of its predecessor and triumphant in its immaculate conception Alustrium are back with A Tunnel To Eden a release that dazzles the listener with powerful synths, epic lyrics and some wonderfully chunky tech death whose sheer hard riffing majesty is impossible to ignore. What I'm trying to say is that Alustrium have found a darker reality and are unafraid of crushing the listener with powerful songwriting that requires many a listen to fully unravel. Alustrium get what progressive death metal can be, sure it's cheesy, but it's also frikkin' good.

Unlike many of their genre peers Alustrium seem to have a strong sense of their own humanity and this helps to lead to much more visceral music. Sure there are moments on A Tunnel To Eden that are super flashy and a couple moments where things feel a little bit corny, but as far as the songwriting goes these moments work. In fact one could argue that without these occasional moments of cheese Alustrium wouldn't be nearly as good. What A Tunnel To Eden does is encapsulate the listener and force them to stare at the monolith of their own inhumanity with its wealth of impossible to play riffs and bombastic moments that guide every song to a fist pumping oblivion.

Before I head off into the night I feel obligated to also comment on the sheer quality of the final three songs, the Illusion of Choice trilogy. Making up a half hour of the albums extended run time it represents everything Alustrium has come to be - extremely brainy and wonderfully heavy death metal that pushes the boundaries without ever becoming overtly challenging. A Tunnel To Eden represents years of hard work and the enormity of the travail can be felt in every riff. A treat to dig in too that gets even better with multiple spins Alustrium will leave you scraping your jaw off the floor.

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