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Friday, June 12, 2015

Sunburster - Submission

Submission cover art

With a post apocalyptic crush meant to be played "At maximum volume" according to the record cover Sunburster have been able to put together some of the most atrocious stoner metal of the year with Submission. The kind of gloriously demented release that forces you to look at the vile nature of humanity and one that is all too aware of its own inner evil. Sunburster is the sort of band who revel in the blood. The product of a demented and fucked up West Philly scene, these guys get what the music is supposed to be about.

That being said there is something strangely epic to Submission. Even from the first, self titled track you hear that this band is unafraid to strain towards something a little greater, and, dare I say, majestic? You feel yourself being absorbed by the strange sounds that this band has to offer, and I have to say it's kind of endearing. Sunburster are fully aware of what makes them so unique and their grating music, with its perpetual sense of forward momentum is the kind of thing that is impossible to deny yourself. Submission is a moment of triumph for the entire Philly scene and finding yourself deeply in love with the music, as I have done, shows that Sunburster have what it takes to succeed.

Sure it's a crowded scene, but here's the thing, so much of it lacks authenticity, it's just made up of kids who joined the scene because they hated their parents. You get the sense that the dudes in Sunburster are the true fuck ups and their music reflects it. There is a sense of brokenness to the riffs that makes their grooves all the more memorable and the song structures even more fun to dissect. What I'm trying to say is that Submission is an absolute stunner of an EP and these guys may be ready to take Philly by storm.

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