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Friday, June 12, 2015

Folk By Default, My Dog Bill and Duke Maroon at Fennario's

Another night, another time to party, to open your mind and meet people, to realize that rock and roll is really all we have and that growing up isn't really necessary when you've got music to guide you through. The point I'm trying to make is that the three acts I saw tonight allowed me to smile and to relax, to see through the tedious bullshit of everyday life and give the herd of fans a chance to bow at the altar and see the almighty power of live music, the sort of thing that gives us an opportunity to come together and feel joy once again.

First up was Folk By Default, a one girl folk project the woman behind the music was clearly deeply into the profound passion behind the music. Strangely poignant and hyper aware of her own fragile place in the world, Folk By Default is the kind of thing that you sink into and fall in love with. Her simple soundscapes, crafted first by ukulele and then a piano showed her understanding of how a few gentle chords can come together and help to form something grand. Sure I'd like to see her with a backing band, but as is, Folk By Default provided a soothing intro to the evening and a fitting beginning to the madness that was to come.

My Dog Bill are perhaps the most dad-oriented dad-rock band I have ever seen, and I frikking loved it. These guys have simple instrumentations and straightforward lyrics, but that's kind of the point. They truly understand the old fashioned joy of rock and roll and the fun of playing with your friends. The fact that they played sitting down only helps to make things all the more relaxing and enjoyable, this is the kind of act you go see with your buddies on a Saturday night, drink a few brews and find yourself falling in love with pure sound. Sure there's a main duo who define the group, and sure they could have some more developed tracks, but as is, plain, simple and truly sweet... My Dog Bill get it.

Finally it was time for Duke Maroon, one of the most enjoyable bands I have ever seen live. These guys,, notably their dynamic frontman Gene Meyer were an absolute blast. There straightforward songwriting and rock and roll attitude made them fun to watch as Gene literally shook, rattled and rolled his way through a half hour set. Endlessly enthusiastic and over the top Duke Maroon deliver with every song. These guys understand what it takes to bring forth exciting live shows and get the entire crowd involved. Suffice to say, as they headed off into their afterparty I got the sense that their Oops EP could become vital to the scene.

At the end of the night I probably am over romanticizing what I saw, because guess what? I'm a fucking nerd. The point is these bands reminded me why I love live music, it gives you a chance to chill out, see your friends and feel good. Nothing too intense, and with plenty of places to sit I can't really complain about the beauty of things like this. Venues like Fennarios are crucial to live music and developing scenes, so in a way, if you're any sort of music fan, you're essentially obligated to do this, and why the hell not?

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