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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Trapped Within Burning Machinery - The Filth Element

I always love PR agencies and labels that really do a careful job of vetting the bands they take on. It leads to some of the most exciting work I do when I know that I can trust one to deliver, especially a group like Southern Cross PR and Midnite Collective, whose new artist Trapped Within Burning Machinery has just put out a doom emtal epic that can't help but stun the listener with its deep sounds and incredibly vibrant ideas. The Filth Element is endlessly fascinating requiring many a spin to fully digest and reflects the inherent might that doom can have. 

The thing is, with this kind of music it is gleefully easy to find yourself lost in the sounds. There is a highly visceral charm to what Trapped Within Burning Machinery do, intermeshing powerful clean vocals with demented screams that are then accented by soaring melodic lines that swoop the listener off their feet and take them to see a strange new reality that Trappd Within Burning Machinery seem to so readily indulge in. This is a band who have seen the darker side of town and when they unleash their antediluvian and authoritative riffs it becomes impossible to deny yourself the triumph that this band represents. 

At the end of the day Trapped Within Burning Machinery represent a tortured side of the human condition that is rarely allowed to raise its ugly head. The Filth Element speaks to our own internal struggle. Their melancholic chord progressions and minor key melodies swoop down and force you to consider your own place in the world. Trapped Within Burning Machinery have refined something monolithic and overwhelming in scale, this is truly heavy metal for the thinking man, opening eyes and crushing skulls one power chord at a time.

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