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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Unleash The Archers - Time Stands Still

So European power metal is kind of a big deal - something that us dirty Americans forget all too often, and in fact there's a lot of really cool stuff happening in the scene over there like Napalm Records darlings Unleash The Archers. Their new record Time Stands Still is the kind of high flying yet genre expanding power metal that the genre will need in order to prove that they're not just a bunch of Helloween knockoffs. Female fronted and gloriously vicious, Unleash The Archers border on brilliance with this record.

What charms me about Time Stands Still is not just the implementation of the female vocals, which are far more powerful and dominant than the usual airy-fairy female power metal vocals, but also the general feel of the songwriting. The use of growls is tastefully done and rarely ever formulaic. Instead it accentuates some of the best singing I've heard all year to craft truly exciting music. There are moments here that feel almost tech death-y and other times when Unleash The Archers use some bonafide prog riffs. Furthermore the way that the record flows is impeccable and helps to make Time Stands Still worth many a listen.

Sure I'm just some tuckered out kid who really hasn't listened to too much power metal in years, but I can tell you this - Time Stands Still proves, to me at least, that Unleash The Archers seem ready to bring in a whole new wave of power metal, far more innovative and exciting than any that came before. These guys have managed to refine a truly unique sound, and in an extremely crowded scene this is crucial. Fun, but also able to stir up more powerful emotions Time Stands Still is going to capture your imagination.

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