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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Cattle Decapitation - The Anthropocene Extinction

One of the things that always attracted me to death metal when I was a whee tyke was the way that the genre, more than perhaps any other in the history of recorded music could sound... monstrous. There is something strangely satisfying about a record that sounds like it is coming to murder you and your family. That's exactly what I love so much about the new Cattle Decapitation record, The Anthropocene Extinction it sounds like all of your nightmares have come true and are coming to tear you the fuck apart. What more could you want?

Beyond that – Cattle Decapitation have always charmed me because of their ability to evolve. The Anthropocene Extinction is great because it is their most varied and most intelligent record yet. Hell, songs like Not Suitable For Life feature some borderline clean vocals and see the band pushing the envelope further than ever on what death metal can be. Cattle Decapitation are great because they are constantly broadening their musical horizons and expanding on what this music can accomplish. Sure they may never use acoustic guitars or break from blast beats for too long, but that's not the point. Instead with this record the band have proven that even with a fairly limited (But ever expanding) sonic pallet they can create mind bending art.

The fact of the matter is that The Anthropocene Extinction is among Cattle Decapitations best work yet. It opens your eyes and broadens your mind to the all consuming power of death metal and rattles you to the core. There is something distinctly demented about this record and that's why freaks like me will always love it, and by extension, anything the band does. Cattle Decapitation are the true masters of the genre, and the deeper you delve into their aural blasphemy the harder it is to come out clean. The Anthropocene Extinction has the power to profoundly change the listener, so you better be ready!

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