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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Superjoint Ritual, King Parrot, Child Bite and Fulgora in Poughkeepsie

There is a certain kind of badass that defines an aunt who will go with you to see a band like Superjoint Ritual and meet all the NYC metal elite who choose to navigate the triumphant adventures of day to day extreme metal life. Fortunately, my aunt is that kind of a badass and so we spent a wonderful evening watching four bands utterly destroy Poughkeepsie's quasi-legendary The Chance. Suffice to say, Phil knows how to pick groups to tour with, and this particular package (Along with Fulgora) was a pleasure to see.

After the local band, who I missed for a variety of reasons the time came to witness Fulgora. Now, I've heard about these guys from French friends who were all about them, and I can see why. Their unique brand of chaotic hardcore tinged metal is a lot of fun to see live and makes for a very fun and mosh worthy performance. There is something strangely triumphant about these guys, merely the fact that they've been on the road for so long and have come to help define the American underground is a pleasure for me. Fulgora have a wicked live energy and watching them tear it up will always make me smile.

Up next was Child Bite, a band I've heard great things about but never gotten to see live. While I did get to do a really interesting interview with the bands vocalist earlier in the day I was curious as to what their sense of pungent chaos would bring in a live setting. The way the bands frontman Shawn shakes, rattles and rolls across the stage helps to give a very visceral look to the bands utterly destructive attack. Beyond that, these guys are incredibly tight given the inherent madness of what they do. You get a sense of the intense musicality that pervades beyond the crushing distorted riffs that define their sound. It makes for a very fun live show!

Perhaps my most anticipated band of the bill was King Parrot who I had unfortunately missed at Housecore. By now hardened road warriors these guys know how to put on a show while clearly having fun on stage. Going through a dozen water bottles in the set the bands frontman Matt is great at unleashing a torrential outburst of destructive sounds that will keep the listener enslaved to the groove. Their sound is startlingly unique and will always get you going. The fact of the matter is, King Parrot don't sound quite like anybody else out there and they will inevitably capture the heart of any passionate extreme metal fan.

Finally it was time for Superjoint Ritual, I've seen these guys three times now, and I'm seeing them again tonight at the show in Lancaster. I've always been charmed by their mixture of southern grooves and hardcore. Phil has an utterly destructive voice and always makes me smile. The fact of the matter is that he is one of the most talented performers of the last thirty years. His between song banter is always fun and his dedication to all that is explosive and wonderfully vile is delicious. What I'm trying to say is that Phil Anselmo is the kind of dude who takes bands to a new level, and last night at The Chance Superjoint Ritual left me scraping my jaw off the floor. Tight, experienced and angry these guys are only going to get bigger.

And so the night came to a close. Comedian Dave Hill guested on guitars for a song with Superjoint Ritual, and the band seemed to have a great time live. It was one of those distinctly magical evenings that leave you feeling blessed at the power of what has been unleashed before you. Extreme metal is alive and well and Phil Anselmo has embraced his place in it as a father figure to all that came after. Beyond that though, nights like this, with my exceptionally badass aunt remind me why we do this after all, unique experiences and beautiful memories to soothe the shattered soul.

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