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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Damien The Cat

The Acosmist cover art

A kind of Me Bungle-esque extreme metal band you say? Well then - I guess I'm off to a good start with Damien The Cat, whose latest release The Acosmist is the kind of thing that takes many a spin to pull apart. Though it is held back by lower production values the ideas maintained by Damien The Cat on this release are admirable and they speak to the bands ability to create intense, varied and truly weird music. With musical changes coming straight out of left field The Acosmist feels strangely cohesive, speaking to the bands ability as songwriters. The vicious sense of hunger that these New Jersey natives seem to communicate is fascinating and their bass heavy sound leaves you begging for more. Damien The Cat understand the true meaning of extreme music and push boundaries in every possible direction. All that stands now is for you to get in here, let out your manky hair and turn it up to eleven.

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