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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Locrian - Infinite Dissolution

I very clearly remember listening to Locrians Return To Annihilation when I was 17 and being blow away by what the music represented for me. The thing is - they seem to have only gotten better since then. Whereas Return To Annihilation might have just been a little too abstract their latest offering, Infinite Dissolution is perhaps their most exciting yet - showing the band delivering a soul encapsulating release that embodies a wealth of emotions and carries the listener on a musical journey that they won't soon forget.

With more discernible riffs and a much more clear sense of forward motion on Infinite Dissolution this record might seem a little less cerebral. Yet what I've found as I increasingly dig deeper into the sound is that Infinite Dissolution has more to unpack than any other Locrian release. These guy have always made me ask "Can this even be called music?" And I mean that of course in the nicest possible way. Locrian force me to re-evaluate my stance on a whole bunch of things and make you look at the true nature of art. Yet beyond that Infinite Dissolution contains some pretty killer tunes that will open up fascinating soundscapes and give you a taste for the bands avant garde fury.

What I'm trying to say is that Locrian are always going to give you cool stuff to dig into, but with Infinite Dissolution they may have just hit their peek. It's rare that I find a record that is as hands-down mesmerizing as this one. It's almost impossible to stop the roaring and ambient might that Locrian seem to carve out. Utterly unique and always ready to challenge old perceptions I get the impression that Locrian can't help but make the listener smile. They are post-music at the highest level and they will blow your mind.

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