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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Deathrite - Revelation of Chaos

Man, death-doom is one of those genres that I really love yet never listen to enough of. That's why I get a certain pleasure out of reviewing a record like Revelation of Chaos whose ten blasphemous tracks call up legends like Asphyx. Their music is punishing an undeniably heavy. It's the kind of gut ripping death metal that forces you to wear a bloody smile and acknowledge the endless triumph that extreme music has. Deathrite will smash your skull into the ground simply because they are some of the heaviest dudes out there right now.

The thing about Deathrite is that they are sublime in their heaviness. Deathrite come forward with crushing riffs and a balls out sonic attack that is impossible to deny. The sense of utter obliteration and aural chaos is what defines this band and makes them so endlessly interesting to me. Their high speed explosions are perfectly balanced with slower moments that leave you holding on for dear life. The point is Deathrite will tear you apart. They are one of those bands who have a transcendent approach to heaviness and it's hard for any extreme music enthusiast not to immediately fall in love with their visceral assault.

There is something endlessly enjoyable to me about this bands grooves and there vile vocal violations of the very things we hold sacred in 'real music'. The fact of the matter is that Deathrite just don't give a fuck. They are the heaviest and the most evil sounding dudes out there. They know how to write great songs and craft awesome riffs but they don't use it for anything normal folks would enjoy. Instead they choose to tear you the fuck apart and leave you passed out and gasping for air in this fucked up reality we call home

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