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Friday, July 17, 2015


Powerful, melodic and occasionally King Diamond-y Delirious are Euro-thrash for this generation of thrash freaks. With their new record Moshcircus the band play on a familiar trope, yet their high speed sound is just unique enough that Delirious are able to stand out amongst a legion of similar Euro-thrash acts. Embracing the Teutonic side of the genre whilst simultaneously acknowledging the enduring power of the Bay area sound Delirious know what it takes to be a thrash band in 2015. Their high powered angular riffs will keep your fist pumping and body shaking, yet Delirious are careful to never go too far over the edge. Always clearly controlled and wonderfully vicious these thrash maniacs are the kind of dudes who will simmer until the boiling point and then reach out and beat your head against a wall until you bleed out. What I'm trying to say is if you like it fast and loud, Moshcircus will help you get off!

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