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Monday, July 6, 2015


Lake of the Dead cover art

Man... there's something endlessly charming about over the top symphonic black metal. It has a certain sense of bombast that so few genres so gleefully indulge in these days and it's so rarely well done as Formicarius pull of on their debut EP Lake Of The Dead. While yes - the songwriting isn't 100% the overall approach is spot on, just... not too subtle at times. The dedication to black metal nihilism though is stunning and Formicarius come off as far grimmer than many of their peers. Painting epic vistas with their synths and tight angular riffs they have managed to generate the kind of distinct sound that separates the boys from the men in the black metal community. Formicarius get what it means to slaughter the innocent and their rather iconoclastic sound will keep you coming back time and time again. Now all I can do is eagerly wait for them to get a better produced more wholly thought out record to build on the delicious potential that this debut has proven the band has. Black metal for a new generation I'm excited to dig deeper!

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