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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Stoned Jesus - The Harvest

The Harvest cover art

There has always been something kind of charming to me about Stoned Jesus. I think there ability to laugh at themselves and craft some pretty straightforward tracks that have a crushing might behind them has always captured my imagination. The fact of the matter is that Stoned Jesus are the kind of dudes who are willing to start off a record with a cry of “Jesus Christ” before breaking into one monster riff after another in a rather silly song called Here Come The Robots. The fact of the matter is that it's fun to listen to a band who are clearly having a good time.

The punishing grooves that Stoned Jesus unleash in these tracks are stunning and it speaks to how much they've grown as musicians. Adding to this is the albums fifteen minute plus closer, the epic Black Church. It shows how these badass rock and rollers have been able to learn to communicate powerful emotions and deep vibes in their hard hitting sound. You feel yourself getting lost in the approach of a band who are surprisingly tight given the raunchiness their music can have. What I'm trying to say is that Stoned Jesus are clearly top notch musicians and the deeper you delve into The Harvest the harder this becomes to deny.

With immaculately crafted tracks and punchy vocals Stoned Jesus have reached a new peak in their pot scented triumph on The Harvest. We hear them bringing their songwriting to a whole new level and leaving the listener in awe, forced to spin the record again and again to truly pick apart the truths that Stoned Jesus eschew beneath their layers of hash. The cream of the crop in a very crowded scene Stoned Jesus seem poised to take their peers by storm on this next touring cycle. Stoned Jesus are the best of the best and they are coming to baptize you in bud.

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