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Friday, July 24, 2015


DIG IN (EP) cover art

There is a certain charm to old school rock and roll. I mean I don't really listen to a lot of it anymore but when I get stuff sent to me like Idlewar's Dig In EP it's sometimes nice to give it a spin and let myself sink back into what got me into heavy music in the first place. In fact there is something profoundly heavy about what Idlewar do on this record, though it may not come across sonically when you start to dig into the lyrics of pain and just plain bluesy depression it becomes harder and harder to deny that Idlewar are turned onto something epic in scale. Idlewar understand the travesty of the human condition and with their music seek to give you a way forward in world too often defined by suffering. So let these songs of hope and liberation wash over you and find your own path out of the murk and towards a triumphant future guided by this bands heavy riffs, catchy grooves and full throated vocal lines.

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