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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mad Max - Thunder, Storm and Passion

There is something to be said for bands that have been out there doing this for more than thirty years. a group like Mad Max - who have the oddly beautiful pedigree of a "Forgotten act" is the kind that really stand out to me. Representing this strangely beautiful fusion of glam and NWOBHM their latest record Thunder, Storm and Passion is a veritable heavy metal monster that will have you rocking from start to finish. A testament to a time and place, these Germans have put together something truly special.

The anthemic power of Thunder, Storm and Passion never gets old, even though it is one of the main foundations for the record. The fact of the matter is that Mad Max are still doing it and delivering at a very high level. They have a sense of poppy songwriting that gives even their most grandiose moments a dash of fun. The thing is, as opposed to many of their peers from the same era Mad Max have a pretty distinctive sound and that makes them a lot of fun to listen too. The heavily layered choruses are a blast to pump your fist too and represent all that the band can be, a truly legendary metal act who will never fail to capture your imagination.

Toss in a few flashy (And wonderfully executed) guitar solos alongside the general aural triumph of Thunder, Storm and Passion and you start to get a sense for what is essentially a heavy metal record in the grand old style. Mad Max are far too much fun to listen too and digging ever deeper into their sound is an endlessly rewarding experience. These tracks are wonderfully written and very tight in their delivery. These guys understand the very basis of the genre and I think they may be set to have a late career rejuvenation!

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