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Monday, July 20, 2015


First off - Regicide is kind of a screwed up name for a band, why are you guys trying to make my google search history look bad? I kid of course, and in some ways a fucked up name is what a band like Regicide need. These guys have the kind of gloriously demented thrash sound that makes the New Wave Of American Thrash Metal so worthwhile, clunky moniker and all. There is something wonderfully bare bones about what Regicide do, the crazed kick drums and ferocious bass playing come together to help establish this band as true thrash stalwarts. They jump start circle pits in their fury and get your whole body shaking in wonder. Beyond that though the band are able to use angular riffs to help cement themselves firmly in the American scene. This is thrash metal that will get your fist pumping as you swagger around the pit, beer in hand. Regicide get what thrash is all about and don't need an excuse to bash your face in, jam it.

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