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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Primal, fast, and fucked up Absorb understand what death metal is all about. Sure they have minimal production values but that doesn't cover up their utterly crushing sound. Absorb understand what it takes to unleash death metal madness unto the masses and make them suffer under a thumb of steel. With all sorts of tasty angular riffs swirling underneath guttural almost Max Cavalera-like vocals Absorb have a lot going for them. Regardless of anything else these guys are tight musicians and digging into what they have to offer is an absolute pleasure They reflect the might of the German scene in every extravagant drum fill and despairing riff. Sure they wear their influences on their collective sleeve but that's part of the fun. Absorb are face melting death metal turned up to eleven and even at their most contemplative moments have enough darkness to melt your face off. Diverse and unafraid to experiment (Just listen to the intro of Undead) Absorb reflect the power that originally put their scene on the map.

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