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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bangladeafy - The Briefcase

The Briefcase cover art

I first encountered Bangladeafy a few weeks ago when I ended up seeing them live at a tiny warehouse show in the Kenzofish neighborhood of Philly. With a wholly unique sonic approach oriented around tapping this drum and bass two piece has a sound unlike almost anyone I have ever heard and have put together music that is incredibly powerful, inspiring, and strangely catchy. With 
The Briefcase Bangladeafy open up a bold new frontier for metal that could quite realistically push the whole genre forward.

Bangladeafy never cease to amaze me simply because... holy shit have you heard their music? The hyper melodic approach of the bands frontman Jon Ehlers is stunning. Toss in syncopated rhythms in all sorts of weird time signatures and you have yourself a band who rival Meshuggah in terms of braininess. Their fusion of thrash and world music is... unreal. The occasional vocals provide a wonderful sense of atmosphere to the music despite sounding at times a bit out of place. Overall though - the stellar production and sense of fun that you find on tracks like Show Me The Gold helps prove to me that Bangladeafy not only have a unique concept, but they enjoy delivering it.

The fact of the matter is that The Briefcase is prog metal for a new generation of fan. It pushes the genre forward and gives guidance in an increasingly confused world. Bangladeafy understand the very visceral power that these sounds can have and the deeper you delve into their completely unique soundscapes with insane bass playing and mind boggling drummer the more you realize just how fucking good these guys are. Bangladeafy are wholly unique and are set for great things - prepare your body.

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