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Monday, August 3, 2015

Ancient Altar - Dead Earth

I've been somewhat enamored with Ancient Altar ever since meeting those dudes for the first time back when I was in those strange mystical lands of Psycho California. Now I find myself giving their latest effort, the endlessly inspiring Dead Earth multiple listens simply because what these dudes are doing on this record is so god damn inspiring that it would be an absolute travesty to ignore the musical triumph found within Ancient Altars sonic rituals from what too often feels like another dimension.

The stunning and vaguely progressive crush that defines Dead Earth is truly exciting and helps to make the record feel complete. The sense of forward momentum that drives the record is delicious and even comes through in sections that feel quasi-improvised. There is something about this record that demands that you go back and pick it apart though. The intellectual side of the album is apparent even from the first listen. As with many bands I end up covering on this blog, Ancient Altar aren't exactly the kind of band that 'normal people' will be especially interested in, simply because what they are doing can be too esoteric. Yet, if you appreciate a solid riff and vicious vocals, then you just might be able to get into this twisted noise.

Dead Earth speaks to the crushing depths of humanity and shows that Ancient Altar are the true masters of their own reality. As the band continue to grow and evolve you feel yourself as almost an active participant in their history. Sure they have a guitarist who used to play in a Christian rock band, but that doesn't change anything, Ancient Altar put out some of the fucking heaviest shit you will ever hear, and the deeper I delve into their unique soundworlds the harder it is for me to deny their almighty aural abuse.

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