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Monday, August 3, 2015

Myrkur - M

I remember when Myrkur came out with her self titled debut EP back in 2014, and I recall how blown away I was by the beautiful sounds she made, balancing intricate piano driven harmonic parts with truly fucked up evil portions. Her debut full length, the utterly stunning and album of the year worthy M will leave you wondering what the future of black metal will even be. She fuels a perfect mixture of post black metal mastery alongsides shoe gaze and truly desperate old school black metal stuff, the perfect panacea for the beating heart.

The sheer depth of the compositions behind this one woman project is stunning. The way she is able to craft epic pieces that carry the listener on a journey and force them to open their eyes to the true power of black metal is strangely encouraging. I largely fell into this kind of music because of the sway bands like Darkthrone held over me, and now Myrkur is taking that sound I loved and bringing it to the next level, adding a well of beauty to the mix. The strangely driven attack of this record is one of the things that keeps me falling in love. It proves the eternal power that black metal can have by essentially re-inventing what the genre is all about and leaving me with a smile on my face, even reaching up to wipe away the tears.

At the end of the day, there is nothing more to be said other than that Myrkur is a triumph in the history of black metal. In a world where extreme metal is said to be stagnating Myrkur comes out with a song like Haevnen and you are stuck with no other reaction than "Holy fucking shit, this girl is good!" Because that's the thing, Myrkur is quite possibly the best black metal act of the past decade, and the deeper I delve into the perverse ferocity of the music the harder I find it to turn away from the  beautiful blasphemies within.

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