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Friday, August 14, 2015


Black Magic Whore cover art

One of the first things that struck me about Betrayal (Asides from the fact that... wow that name hadn't been taken yet?) is their ability to hammer you with angular and fun Iron Maiden-esque riffs. While they may not have the finesse of a band like Maiden there is instead a sort of modern crush to the sound that is actually reminiscent of groups like Slough Feg. Toss in a few fun melodic solos that are just flashy enough to be exciting and you're staring down the barrel of the kind of band you and your buds love to go see on a Friday night. Betrayal play heavy metal in the grand old style and there is something distinctly poignant with that. Though, yes, they could evolve a bit and get more refined, I'm sure they will! These dudes haven't been around all that long, and this kind of music almost requires evolution. As for now, Betrayal are tasty to listen too with a beer in hand after a long day at work, and isn't that what metal was made for in the first place?

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