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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Witchsorrow - No Light Only Fire

Man - I fuckin' love doom. It says something about the genre, or maybe just me, that so many records can be made with the same core concepts and still feel fresh. Witchsorrow's latest, the Chris Fielding produced masterpiece that is No Light Only Fire is one such release that will keep you coming back for more as you navigate endless soundscapes and beautiful worlds crafted by intricate and triumphant riffs. This is the kind of music that will guide us into a new generation and give us the courage to carry on through the fire and the flames.

There is a sense of... falling forward that gives No Light Only Fire such a distinct overall flavor. These songs have a crushing momentum to them, one that keeps even the longest tracks on the record like Disaster Reality feeling potent even at the ten or eleven minute mark. Listening to No Light Only Fire almost feels as if you have stumbled upon some sort of unholy ritual. There is a sense of higher beings dominating and giving strength to this record. As you struggle forward in this life, No Light Only Fire is there for you with its rumbling guitar lines and mid-pitched vocals. It's a doom record for doom freaks, and that's all there is too it.

No Light Only Fire requires a certain measure of patience to really get into because it has a tendency to be longwinded. Yet for those of us in love with the genre, that simply makes No Light Only Fire all the more rewarding. There is a certain visceral joy to really digging into a solo like the one on The Martyr. It speaks to the power of the band that they can take elements that are now nearly fifty years old and help craft them into something that, I feel, will stand the test of time and crack skulls for years to come.

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