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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Chemia - Let Me

Man... SPV sure has been putting out a lot of great rock music lately, and Chemia's Let Me is simply the latest and one of the greatest iterations of this. There is something incredibly fascinating to me about the sonic highways that these dudes craft on their latest record, representing the enduring power of artsy hard rock and mixing anthems with more contemplative pieces, speaking to the reason that rock and roll exists in the first place. It's a form of expression that's virile and rebellious and gives us a chance to look beyond.

There is something inherently charming about what Chemia do on Let Me. The quality of the production is incredible and it speaks to the bands ability to refine some truly top notch tracks. The artsy side of Chemia though is constantly counterbalanced though by the wonderful riffage, done in the grand old style and putting in just enough blues for it to stay roots but with enough of a modern influence to remain fresh. Chemia set their entire sound around this system of checks and balances and it makes for compelling music that has depth and allows the listener to reflect on the poignant power of the human condition.

I'm probably just rambling again, but I do feel a sense of empowerment in what Chemia do on Let Me. The tasty solo lines and blasting drums are merely a part of the picture. When you put in phased out vocals and a sense of potency that reaches back to the glory days of the genre you see that Chemia truly understand what it means to rock. And in the twenty first century I think that that's what we need if we really want the music that we love to move forward. Go out and rep this shit, what else are you going to do, cry about how no good music is coming out these days?

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