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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Shadow Flag

Shadow Flag are the kind of potent black metal band that will always be fascinating to me. Putting some newer ideas on top of an old school background, Shadow Flag have been able to put together a delicious piece of twenty first century black metal on their new record The White Grave. The shimmering soundscapes and visceral attack are nicely balanced by the occasional angular riff and striking melodic lines that provide a refreshing respite from the soul wrenching assault that defines most of the record. The fact of the matter is: Shadow Flag know how to craft tasty black metal tracks and they wash it all in barren guitar tones and wonderfully dry vocals. When the band breaks into more Bathory like clean vocal or quasi-clean passages the immensity of the sound is only expanded and you fall ever deeper in love. Maybe that's why black metal nihilism works... you have to suffer under a God that failed, but at least you have records like this to keep you going.

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